Scientific and Production Center “Armbiotechnology” NAS RA, state nonprofit organization (SPC “Armbiotechnology” SNPO NAS RA) was founded by the RA Government Decision in 2010 as a result of amalgamation of CJSC “SRI Biotechnology” (RA Ministry of Economy), and Center of Microbiology and Microbial Depository (NAS RA). It is the legal successor of the joint organizations.
SPC “Armbiotechnology” SNPO NAS RA includes “Institute of Biotechnology”, “Institute of Microbiology” and “Center of Microbial Depository”.


The gollowing non-government organizations operate in the Center: “Biotechnological Association of Armenia” (BAA) established in 2007 and “Armenian Microbiological Association” (AMA) established in 2009. The latter exercising its full membership rights is included into the Federation of European Microbiological Societies (FEMS).


Development of methods and technologies for production of biologically active substances, study of basic problems of modern microbiology and deposition of new prospective microorganisms of research and production significance;
solution of urgent biotechnological problems in the field of medicine, pharmacology, agriculture and food industry, geology and nature protection;
fulfillment of fundamental scientific researches directed to prevention and elimination of bioterroristic threat;
fulfillment of applied scientific researches in the field of biotechnology directed to the development of production technologies for biologically active substances;
Development of new highly effective methods and techniques for:
  • simultaneous measurement and prediction of nanoparametres of numerous processes occurring in cells (microorganisms, cells of plants, mammals and insects) in suspension cultures,
  • control of processes occurring in single cells of suspension culture to increase the productivity of biotechnological processes, as well as of processes using the strain-producers with low productivity. (see «Nanobiotechnological project»).
fulfillment of teaching and methodical activities in the field of magistracy and post-graduate studies involving scientific and educational institutions in the Republic of Armenia and abroad.

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