Armenian Microbiological Association (AMA) was established on the basis of the Institute of Microbiology (organized in 1961) in 2009. Now AMA is functioning in the SPC “Armbiotechnology” of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia.


The priority areas of AMA are: general and applied microbiology: ecology, systematics and basic metabolism of microorganisms, microbial catalysis and transformations, bacterial insecticides, microbial deteriorations and microbial degradations of polymeric materials. The Microbial Depository Center maintains the vast National Collection of microorganisms of scientific and industrial importance, listed around 1400


AMA aims at achieving the following objectives:
- development of general and applied Microbiology in Armenia;
- enhancement of microbiological technologies and their application;
- preparation of specialists in Microbiology in Armenia, improvement of their hands-on capabilities, enhancement of their professional skills and promotion of career.