Microbial Depository Center

Microbial Depository Center (MDC) as a separate legal entity of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia was established in 1993 (RA Government resolution No. 610 of 03.12.1993). MDC was aimed at realizing the following objectives: collection and maintenance of the microbes of scientific and production significance, as well as assurance of the patenting and licensing service in the field of microbiology.
Government resolution of 08.07.2010 (No. 1051-Ն) on the establishment of the Scientific and Production Center “Armbiotechnology” and the inclusion of MDC in its structure enabled to create the National Microbial Collection of the Republic – genepool.
The National Culture Collection of Microbes was created by the MES RA resolution (No. 9.1.1/8699-11 of 05.08.2011) and MDC was included in the list of the organizations of national value.

Study of microbial biodiversity, obtaining of new prospective microbes of scientific and production significance and their application.