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Useful Features of Cold Pressed Plant Oils


Today, unrefined, cold pressed plant oils are indispensable for the human body and are in high demand worldwide. In the diet of modern man, the lack of natural, organic food leads to a decline in immunity and the development of various diseases. The use of plant oils in the diet compensates for the lack of biological substances in the body. From a biological standpoint, unrefined, cold pressed oils are more valuable. The latter are produced at low temperature (≤40oC) without chemical and physical treatment, which helps maintaining all the useful compounds (vitamins, saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants, etc.) in the plant oil available in the raw materials.

Plant oils should be used cold without heat treatment, otherwise biologically active substances will be decomposed and they will lose their remedial properties. For example, linseed oil is a source of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids for the body. As such, it is indispensable for vegetarians. Linseed oil regulates the exchange of fats, stimulates the function of gastrointestinal tract and lowers cholesterol while protecting the cardiovascular system. It regulates hormonal balance in women and is widely used in the treatment of mastopathy. Linseed oil stimulates fetal growth in the last trimester of pregnancy.

Thus, it can confidently be stated that regular use of plant oils prevents the development of various diseases - cardiovascular, oncogenic, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, increases the elasticity of vessels, rejuvenates the body.