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“Microbes: Biology & Application” International Conference

“Microbes: Biology & Application” International Conference held at the Scientific and Production Center “Armbiotechnology” of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia in Yerevan from October 9-11, 2019 was organized by the Armenian Microbiological Association (AMA) jointly with the SPC “Armbiotechnology” NAS of Armenia and sponsored by FEMS (Federation of European Microbiological Societies) and VIPECO Armenia. The Conference covered such important topics as Microbial Ecology, Environmental Protection, Waste Management, Biosafety and Health, Biofertilizers, Food Safety, New Biotechnologies. Young scientists from Europe, Asia, Africa and Armenia participated in the Conference.

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The visit of ISTC delegation to SPC "Armbiotechnology" NAS RA

On November 19, 2019 SPC “Armbiotechnology” NAS RA hosted the delegation of the International Science and Technology Center (ISTC). The delegation toured the Center during its visit. It is worth noting that in the period of 20 years of collaboration, the SPC “Armbiotechnology” NAS RA has had a lot of achievements having received and successfully realized 16 ISTC projects. In the framework of these projects the Center’s technological and analytical equipment was modernized, scientific and technological directions were optimized and collaborations with the leading scientific centers were set up.

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Mom&Kid expo 2019

For the first time MOM&KID EXPO 2019 exhibition-fair took place in Yerevan Expo Center on 16-17 November. The SPC “Armbiotechnology” NAS RA participated with “NARINE” lactic acid product and Armbiotechnology natural plant oils. Visitors of MOM&KID EXPO 2019 exhibition-fair were greatly interested in the Center products. As a result, a demand in our products has visibly increased.

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