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Slavik Dadayan

Head of Laboratory
DSc in Chemistry, Associate Professor

Laboratory of Galenic and New Galenic Preparations


The laboratory was formed in 2017 on the basis of the Asymmetric Synthesis Laboratory under the structure of the Scientific and Production Center "Armbiotechnology" NAS RA. The laboratory is engaged in the development of industrial technologies for the production of galenic and new galenic preparations from the least investigated endemic medicinal plant raw materials and the organization of their serial production.



  • Obtaining and investigating some highly active galenic and new galenic preparations
  • Phytochemical characterization of plant raw materials for the detection, separation and quantitative evaluation of biologically active compounds in them
  • Development of industrial technologies for more active medicinal preparations from medicinal plant raw materials, obtaining of samples and certification
  • Introduction of the developed technologies for the production of phytopreparations and launching of the corresponding galenic preparations


  • Isolation and purification methods for native BAS, some vitamins, tinctures, water-alcoholic extracts and plant oils obtained by cold pressing have been developed and certificated.
  • More effective technologies for extracting amygdalin from bitter kernels, crystal lycopone from bulgarian pepper and BAS from oyster mushroom  have been developed.
  • Analogs of isolated BAS have been obtained by chemical modification.
  • Biological activity of the isolated BAS and their modified analogs has been evaluated.
  • Highly active medicinal oils (milk thistle, sea buckthorn, black and white sesame, apricot, peach, etc.) and preparations (black cumin, round-leaved wintergreen, chaga mushroom, etc.) as natural hepatoprotective, antitumor, analgesic and cosmetic products are produced by the developed methods and are widely used in the treatment of cancer, liver, stomach and other organs diseases and in cosmetology. The secondary products of their processing are in high demand in cattle breeding and poultry as multivitamin feed additives rich in micro- and macro elements. 



  • Development of highly efficient technologies for isolation and purification of native BAS (extraction yield > 85 %) from medicinal plant raw material
  • Obtaining of galenic and new galenic preparations and implementation of biomedical research
  • Clarification of the yield dependence of BAS isolation on the vacuum processing of raw materials and their extraction in inert gas flow
  • Clarification of the yield dependence of BAS isolation on the extraction by the method of vacuum-pulsation
  • Development of methodology for antioxidant and biomedical investigations of extracts 



  1. 18T- 2I168 “Development of the method for complex processing of plant raw materials for obtaining eco-friendly food products, feed additives, and galenic preparation, 2018-2020, (Project Manager:  S. Dadayan, DSc).
  2. 13-03-90600-ARM-a, No.13RF-050A Asymmetric synthesis of non-proteinogenic amino acids via radical intermediates stabilized by metal ions”, 2013-2015, (Project Manager: Academician of NAS RA, Prof. A. Saghyan).
  3. АА-005 “Investigation of bromine substituted amino acid complexes in asymmetric aldol condensation reactions. Development of a universal method for obtaining new β-oxy amino acids ”, 2011-2012, (Project Scientific Advisor: S. Dadayan, DSc).
  4. 20TTWS-1D012: "Target synthesis of non-protein amino acids with potential anticholinesterase activity and assessment of their bioactivity potential", 2020-2023, (Project Manager: A.S. Dadayan, PhD)




Scientific articles

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Saghyan A., Dadayan S., Poghosyan A. Production method for (S)-2-N(N'-benzylprolyl) aminobenzophenone // RA Patent No. 2548 A, 2011.


Abstracts Presented at Conferences

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